Can I claim Acupuncture on Medicare?

Can I claim Acupuncture on Medicare?

The Natural Medicine Nutrition clinic is a private practice with experienced first contact practitioners, with no referral required.

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Registered Acupuncturists are not included as providers under Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management (CDM), though all other allied health providers are.

While registered Acupuncturists are not included as providers in these , schemes acupuncture services are generally available from other allied health professionals even though they are not usually qualified in acupuncture.

The usual level of training for allied health practitioners who are not registered or 
endorsed as an Acupuncturist is a two-day professional development course offered under the label of ‘dryneedling’.
The usual entry level of training for a registered Acupuncturist is a minimum four year 
degree of which approximately 30% of the program is devoted to acupuncture & Chinese medicine theory and comprises at least 500 hours of supervised clinical practice. 
So who would you trust your health with, someone who has done a 2 day seminar or 
someone who has trained full time for at
 least 4 years?  


Personalized Care Plans

Monthly care plans are then implemented to help you get you well.  It outlines the actions, treatments, and interventions necessary to address your unique health and well-being requirements.

Dr. Ben has been a game-changer in my journey of a healthier, balanced life and is a remarkable healer. Ben's nutritional expertise, acupuncture and herbs, have all addressed my neck issues, digestive discomfort, and overall well-being. His acupuncture treatments resolved a neck problem that I had had for months and using normal methods had not worked. I could not believe that I walked out after 1-session with no pain and also brought a huge amount of relief overall."

Jodie. Gerrad

"If it wasn't for Ben I don't think I would be walking upright after having 2 slip discs, seeing him and being treated by Ben was the best decision I have ever made, I would highly recommend him If your in pain go see him it will be the best decision you will make."

Leo. Jusuf

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